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Donna Linder 80th bday cake
Donna surprised by family reunion at 80th birthday party
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Donna Linder 80th bday group at table

Donna Linder celebrated her 80th birthday on April 14 with four siblings, including her brother Paul and his wife Brenda, who are also BCS consumer.

Donna, who treasures her independence and prefers minimal staffing, lives in an apartment in Decatur near her boyfriend, Rex. Paul and Brenda, who live in an apartment in Bluffton, visit occasionally. But it isn’t often that all the siblings get together. In addition to those who live in the area and attended the party, there is also a sister in Florida and a brother in West Virginia.

“There were 16 people there,” said Darlene White, who works with Donna and organized the party. “It was the first time in three or four years that she saw her brother Clyde.”

“We had fun,” said Brenda Linder. “She was real surprised that we got the family together.”

Donna is one of four BCS consumers who are in their 80s. Ned Petzel is 80, Eli Byler is 81, and Patty Nelson turned 82 on April 15, the day after Donna’s birthday. Monday. Happy birthday, Patty!