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Meaningful Inclusion

The focus in this program is on introducing and integrating the clients into society.

Trips to the library, animal shelters, swimming pool, civic center, concerts, parades, art museums, zoo, botanical gardens, sporting events, shopping, volunteering, employment by local businesses, summer camps, local state park, garage sales, river pathway walks, 4-H activities, offer a richer and more inclusive life.

The consumers also provide community service through their volunteer work.

Paula reading to the little kids

Making a Difference

Paula's Story

At BCS, we believe the individuals we serve have just as much right to be involved in their community as anyone else. Paula not only attends the church of her choice, she helps with the children's program.

Read more about her story and how she is making a difference in her community.

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If you need more information or want to become part of our organization call us at 260-824-1253.