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Taking consumers where they need to go

Wells County offers public transportation through the Wells County Council on Aging’s Wells on Wheels (WOW) program. This wonderful service is regularly used by the people BCS serves.

Adams County offers restricted transportation through the Adams County Council on Aging's program. This wonderful service provides transportation for special needs individuals and senior citizen activities such as shopping, appointments and other similar types of trips. Adams County does not offer public transportation but an expansion plan to provide public transportation is under consideration.

BCS provides transportation for non-group home people we serve in situations where the Wells and Adams' county transportation companies are not available. Our cars, mini-vans and light transit vehicles are used daily transporting individuals to a variety of functions. Our five group homes have their own accessible vehicles to provide transportation for programs and activities.

Note: BCS vehicles are not used for public transit

Employees driving these vehicles have been approved to drive based on their driving record, which is verified with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Many of our vehicles have been obtained through an INDOT grant process, which provides 80% of the capital purchase and BCS is responsible for all additional accessories plus 20% of the purchase price.

All vehicles follow the INDOT maintenance schedule and are serviced at a variety of local dealerships.

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If you need more information or want to become part of our organization call us at 260-824-1253.