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Helping You Stay Healthy

Individuals who participate in Wellness Coordination are assessed for their healthcare needs and a plan is developed by a nurse specifically for them.

In addition to care provided by our nursing staff, our Direct Support Professionals are trained in medication administration and CPR and first aid. They receive specialized training on each individual's Wellness Plan on their caseload so they can assist in daily monitoring of overall health.

BCS provides three levels of Wellness Services:

Level 1

Includes a weekly consultation with a BCS nurse and a face-to-face visit at least once a month.

Level 2

Weekly consultation with a nurse and a face-to-face visit twice a month.

Level 3

Consultation with a nurse twice a week and face-to-face visit once per week.

Learn More

If you need more information or want to become part of our organization call us at 260-824-1253.