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Our main office located at 425 E Harrison Road is one story with handicap access at all entrances. The building conforms to all ADA guidelines throughout the building


Fitness Center

The BCS Fitness Center was started in the May of 2014. The center’s coordinator holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science from Ball State University, with a double minor in Adapted Physical Activity and Sports Medicine. She has built a program that addresses specific individual needs through scheduled fitness center classes.

Multi-Purpose Room

Is a 2700 square foot area that is used daily for meetings, activities for the people we serve, dance training, singing groups

The room is also available to rent for many functions such as: family reunions, birthday celebrations, dancing, business meetings, weddings. A kitchen is available with the room rental. Call us if you wish to discuss an event.

T-ball field

We have a T-ball field that can be used for a variety of outdoor games.

Whicker Park

Whicker Park is at the rear of our main office. It was built in 2017 and contains a variety of ADA-approved equipment.