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History Timeline

Our beginnings and growth

The Beginning

BCS, then the Association for Retarded Children (Arc) of Adams and Wells County was started in Vera Cruz, IN. Its mission was to provide educational opportunities for intellectually, developmentally and physically disabled school age children. A few years later the organization opened a sheltered workshop for adults with intellectually, developmentally, and physically disabilities.

Our First Residential Group Home

BCS opened its first residential group home in Adams County. The Arc continued to grow in Vera Cruz until the Indiana Department of Health condemned a portion of the public utilities forcing BCS to relocate.

A New Location and Name

BCS raised money from the state, county, city, foundations, businesses, organizations and the local community to erect a new building at 425 Harrison Road in Bluffton. The Board of Directors also wanted to address the stigma of “retarded” in the organization’s name. It was changed to Bi-County Services, Inc..

Accepting Medicaid Waivers

BCS started providing services under the Medicaid Waiver Program. This program has grown to the point that more consumers are receiving services under the Medicaid waiver than in BCS’s residential group homes. BCS currently has 5 residential group homes (2 in Decatur, 1 in Berne, and 2 in Bluffton) and 11 waiver homes providing residential services. All but 3 of the waiver homes have 24-hour supervision. There are also numerous individuals throughout both counties that receive a variety of non-residential services.

Music Therapy program comes to BCS

BCS started a Music Therapy program. A board-certified Music Therapist heads the program. Two music therapy concerts are held annually with Spring and Christmas programs. This program has been very beneficial for all involved.

Whicker field T-ball diamond opens

the Whicker Field, T-ball diamond was opened in partnership with the YMCA, who sponsors the Dream Team. In July each year, the Dream Team, consisting of special needs children from ages 5-18, play T-ball twice a week. A few years later, the Bluffton T-ball League started using the field for daily games from May through June.

Whicker Park Inclusive Community Playground opens

BCS celebrated the opening of Whicker Park Inclusive Community Playground, an ADA playground. In partnership with the Boys and Girls Club, Whicker Park was 3 years in planning, fundraising and building this $750,000 playground. It has been a big success in Bluffton and the surrounding communities. Whicker Park has been voted the best playground in Wells County for 7 years straight. Whicker Field became a part of the Whicker Park facility.

Disc golf course comes to Whicker Park

The Whicker Park Disc Golf Course was constructed in May 2023. This 9-hole disc golf course, surrounding the BCS main office building, is perfect for disc golf enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. The Whicker Park complex is open to the public year-round depending on weather.