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Paula reading to the little kids
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At BCS, we believe the individuals we serve have just as much right to be involved in their community as anyone else. Paula not only attends the church of her choice, she helps with the children's program.

Paula is a classic example of a BCS consumer getting involved in her community through volunteering. Each week she volunteers at Forgotten Children, where she sorts clothing donations. On Sundays, she reads to children who attend Hope Missionary Church.

Paula loves exploring new walking trails and new restaurants that serve yummy treats that meet the needs of her gluten-free diet with Mandy, the Direct Support Professional who assists her. She shares what she learns with others in her weekly BCS Weight Loss Support Group, which includes other consumers as well as staff and community members.

Paula makes friends everywhere she goes, and loves connecting others with the people and ideas she comes across in her busy schedule.

Pictured is Paula with her friend Kimmie, whom she met at church and invited to the BCS Pool Party.