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Bulldogs in Muncie practice
Bulldogs win pair of Muncie road games
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The Bulldogs plowed through snowy roads on the way to Muncie this past Sunday, then plowed through their Delaware County opponents in a Special Olympics Level 3 game to get qualified for Sectional play March 28 in Indianapolis.

“The first game all our players scored,” said Coach Dewayne Macon. “Caryn did really well, and Adam was scoring. They all really contributed, from the starters to the bench.”

Caryn Harnish joined the roster last week, replacing Mike Komosa, and performed as if she’d been practicing all season. Dewayne also credited first-year Bulldog Jordan Steffen with excellent teamwork, passing to teammates who were in better position even after demonstrating “he could score at will” against the other team.

After a decisive win in the opening game – the scoreboard wasn’t working in the tiny gym at the Ross Community Center, though an official kept score – the Bulldogs were asked to play another team who also needed a qualifying game for Sectional.

This game was more of a challenge, with the Bulldogs prevailing on a buzzer-beater by veteran Aaron Melton. In a way this was like déjà vu, because in practices this year the Bulldogs have practiced going for the game-winning shot with the clock winding down, and just a few weeks ago the team erupted in cheers when Aaron made a similar crunch-time basket in a scrimmage.

The Eagles, the BCS “A” team, previously qualified for Sectional in a higher division, so they sat this game out, though Matt went along to cheer on his housemate Adam and Gary went along to cheer on his housemate Aaron.

Both teams will combine in a home game next week against the Pilots, set for 2 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 28, at BCS.