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Bulldogs blow out the Pilots
Community Integration

The Bulldogs versus the Pilots has become an annual event in the BCS basketball season the last few years, and this year’s contest did not disappoint, with both teams bringing a crowd of supporters.

The Bulldogs, featuring players from both BCS Special Olympics teams, remained undefeated against the Pilots, which are led by former Bethel University player Brandon Gerber -- a local property developer who rents apartments to some BCS consumers, including Bulldogs players Matt and Adam.

Bulldogs veteran Anthony was fired up for this game, since he knows the Pilots players (his mom, BCS board member Sherry Pfister, helped set it up.) He scored several baskets and was relentless on defense. But there were plenty of other baskets scored as the hot-shooting Bulldogs tallied 112 points.

It was a great tune-up for the Special Olympics sectional coming up in Indianapolis, but it was also a lot of fun for both teams. “We enjoyed it,” said Gerber, who brought his young children along to watch.