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Bulldogs Bobcats 24 scoreboard cropped
Bulldogs set record against Bobcats
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Bulldogs Bobcats 24 Josh shoots
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The Bulldogs scored an astounding 142 points against the Bobcats in a March 20 home game, with scorekeeper Lori Farmer maintaining that each and every basket was earned on the court.

The Bobcats are made up of Anthony’s relatives and family friends, and this is a game both sides look forward to each year. The Bulldogs, coming off a couple of disappointing losses in the Special Olympics Sectional, were fired up, and it showed. Nearly every player on the team scored at least one basket, Coach Coralee Bowley said. Caryn, Roger, Josh and Jordan were among the high scorers. Matt, Anthony, Tyler, Anthony and Nathan Carper added several steals.

The Bulldogs “played aggressively on both sides of the ball,” Coach Derek Macon said. “This led to many scoring opportunities off of rebounds, steals, and well-timed passes. They shot the ball with confidence, whether it was driving in for a layup or knocking down a jump shot.”

The Bulldogs have one more game remaining this season, taking on the Poodles on April 3.