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Goal workshop Jenny Starlin
Sharing dreams at Goals Workshop
Consumer Stories
Goal workshop Matt Erika

Tim wrote about his dream of becoming a meteorologist.

Jenny wants to be a princess and go to Disneyland.

Jennifer Downey wants to own a zoo.

They were among 12 consumers who participated in a recent Consumer Goals Workshop at BCS, using a Consumer Goal-Planning Book with prompts such as “What would you do if you won a million dollars?” Consumers were encouraged to keep their books and take them to their PC-ISP meetings. The book also explains how they can control their meetings, making sure their voice is heard.

Goals such as Barb’s – becoming a rock star at age 69 – may seem farfetched, but not necessarily. Participants discussed how they could use a Youtube channel to get their music or ideas out into the world and potentially develop a following.

If Matt Hower had a million dollars, he said he would build a Nintendo game room at BCS, pay for a wedding and honeymoon, visit Nintendo’s New York store, learn to drive and buy a car.

One of the goals he came up with is to meet his favorite characters at theme parks. Using a planning page in his book, he decided his first step – one he could do the very next day – was making a list of the theme parks he wants to visit.

Other steps he wrote down included saving money, looking for a job with more hours, filling out an application and planning a budget.