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Robert Florida 24 castle edited
Robert returns from epic trip to Florida
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Robert saw a couple of MLB Spring Training games and visited Disney World on his recent trip to Florida through The Guided Tour program.

He flew from Fort Wayne to Charlotte, N.C., where he was met by a program representative who then accompanied him on the flight to Orlando.

He saw the Philadelphia Phillies and the Miami Marlins play one day, then watched the Phillies beat the Minnesota Twins the following day.

“We went to Disney World on Sunday,” he said. “It started to rain so hard, it scared me.”

Robert said he had a great time on his trip – so much so it was hard to choose his favorite thing.

The last time he went to Florida was 29 years ago. “In 1995, he accompanied his mom, brother and sister and his sister’s kids to Disney World and a Spring Training game. That was when he lived in Schenectady, NY. “We wanted to get away from the cold weather,” he said.

Disney World seemed a lot bigger all these years later. “There were a lot of people,” he said.

Robert doesn’t know what his next adventure will be, but he hopes to catch a Yankees game over the summer. Last summer he saw the Yankees play in Cincinnati as well as Detroit.