About Bi-County Services

Bi-County Services (BCS) History, Services and Distinctions

Bi-County Services, Inc. (BCS) is a 501 c 3 non-profit that provides services for special needs individuals living in Adams and Wells Counties in Indiana. Individuals must be 18 years of age or older to participate in the Day Services, Sheltered Work Shops, and Bureau of Developmental Disability Services (BDDS) and Division of Disability and Rehabilitation Services (DDRS) licensed residential group homes with oversight from the Indiana State Department of Health. School age children and adults may participate in Supported Living, personal attendant care, Residential Habilitation Services, Community Integration and Music Therapy services.

BCS has been CARF certified for over 20 years with our most recent accreditation in effect until June 30, 2024.

Mission Statement:

Recognizing that all people have dignity and worth, it is the mission of Bi-County Services, Inc. to work with our staff and community members to enable individuals with disabilities to make choices and to live, learn and participate meaningfully in their community.

Vision Statement:

Provide meaningful services that promote quality of life, increased independence, improved productivity, encourages and supports community integration, while acknowledging the value and contributions of all people.


In 1968 BCS, then the Association for Retarded Children (Arc) of Adams and Wells County was started in Vera Cruz, IN. Its mission was to provide educational opportunities for intellectually, developmentally and physically disabled school age children. A few years later the organization opened a sheltered workshop for adults with intellectually, developmentally, and physically disabilities.

In 1974, BCS opened its first residential group home in Adams County. The Arc continued to grow in Vera Cruz until the Indiana Department of Health condemned a portion of the public utilities forcing BCS to relocate.

In 1989 the BCS raised money from the state, county, city, foundations, businesses, organizations and the local community to erect a new building at 425 Harrison Road in Bluffton. The Board of Directors also wanted to address the stigma of “retarded” in the organization’s name. It was changed to Bi-County Services, Inc..

In 1995, BCS started providing services under the Medicaid Waiver Program. This program has grown to the point that more consumers are receiving services under the Medicaid waiver than in BCS’s residential group homes. BCS currently has 5 residential group homes (2 in Decatur, 2 in Berne, and 1 in Bluffton) and 11 waiver homes providing residential services. All but 3 of the waiver homes have 24-hour supervision. There are also numerous individuals throughout both counties that receive a variety of non-residential services.


Residential Group Homes:

BCS operates group homes in Adams and Wells Counties which have 24-hour-a-day staffing to provide support for personal health, safety and wellbeing. This program also has health care services available around the clock. In the residential settings six to eight individuals with physical and developmental disabilities learn to be independent as possible through activities that teach daily living skills. The residents participate in recreational and leisure activities in both home and community-based settings.

Supported Living:

Our main focus is providing community integration and habilitation (CIH) and Family Supports waivers. These programs offer support to those who live in community settings such as apartments, shared homes and with families. We also assist with budgeting, shopping, leisure, and other activities. Our staff provide assistance that allows individuals to achieve their level of greatest independence.

Wellness Coordination:

Wellness Coordination is included for those individuals with a CIH waiver. Maintenance and routine monitoring of their health services optimizes the individual's health and wellness.

Day Services:

Our main focus is life skills and community support training provided through quality, individualized services and support through small groups, individual activities and community involvement. The individuals we serve receive a large variety of choices based on their personal preferences and individual needs. There are many activities available to choose from including: volunteering, community service, crafts/hobbies, self-advocates group, special interest, leisure activities, Special Olympics and much more.

Educational opportunities include: safety skills, reading, math, cooking, healthy lifestyle, recreation, culture, spiritual, computer, communication and job skills development. Use of community services and resources such as WOW public transportation and the YMCA in Wells County are encouraged.

Sheltered Workshops:

Decatur Workshop produces pallets, crates and other wood products through the efforts of special needs individuals working with BCS staff. Bluffton Workshop provides paid work options that include; sorting, assembly work and shredding.

Transportation Vehicle Fleet:

Wells County offers public transportation through the Wells County Council on Aging’s Wells on Wheels (WOW) program. This wonderful service is regularly used by the people BCS serves. The Adams County Council on Aging provides transportation for special needs individuals and senior citizen activities such as shopping, appointments and other similar types of trips. Adams County is not able to provide all types of public transportation, thus BCS provides transportation for non-group home consumers to Day Services in Bluffton and the BCS Sheltered Workshops. Our five group homes have their own accessible vehicles to provide required transportation for programs and activities.

Music Therapy Program:

This program is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional. Music therapy is an established health profession in which music is used within a therapeutic relationship to address physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of individuals. Music Therapy is normally offered during the Day Services hours of operation.

Community Integration Program:

The focus in this program is on introducing and integrating the clients into society. Trips to the library, animal shelters, swimming pool, civic center, concerts, parades, art museums, zoo, botanical gardens, sporting events, shopping, volunteering, employment by local businesses, summer camps, local state park, garage sales, river pathway walks, 4-H activities, offers a richer and more inclusive life. The consumers also provide community service through their volunteer work.

Fitness Center:

The BCS Fitness Center was started in the May of 2014. The center’s coordinator holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science from Ball State University, with a double minor in Adapted Physical Activity and Sports Medicine. She has built a program that addresses specific individual needs through scheduled fitness center classes.

Community Partnerships:

The Dream Team T-ball partnership enables special needs children to “play ball” each summer. BCS built a T-ball field at their Harrison Road property as the Dream Team did not have a place to play. Community volunteers serve as coaches and helpers at the T-ball games. A concession stand and accessible restrooms have been added to the ballfield area. The Bluffton T-ball League supports over 300 community children in playing T-ball at the same field.


The Bi-County Services, Inc. (BCS) annual budget is created by the Controller and reviewed by the President. The Board of Directors discuss, modify (if needed) and approve the proposed budget at the June Board meeting. The approved budget is disseminated to the BCS Board Directors, BCS management and local government officials. The budget is used as a guide for BCS financial decisions but does not prevent taking action that is required to properly manage our business or provide required services for the people we serve.


Financial Information:

Bi-County Services, Inc. FY2021


·         Service Fees $6,309,980

·         Agency Generated $1,389,540

·         Other $518,546


·         Residential $3,273,868

·         Supported Living $2,861,761

·         Industrial/Day Services $841,038


Strategic Plan 2022 - 2024:

Bi-County Services, Inc. (BCS) is committed to providing meaningful services that promote quality of life and increased independence for consumers, while acknowledging the value and contributions of all people. By working with our staff and community members, BCS makes a difference in the lives of the people we serve. We provide three core services: residential group homes, supported living and day services programs including sheltered workshops. Our strategic plan addresses issues that the BCS Board of Directors feels are of concern over the next three years.

Staffing is a challenge for our organization and our industry due to turnover, skills and availability. It impacts the services we provide and agency revenue. Providing meaningful services for each consumer requires a well-trained and committed staff. Continued focus on staff pay, benefits and training are critical to improving this staffing challenge.

Revenue sufficient to support all activities of BCS is fundamental to our success. There are a variety of strategies identified to help us reach this goal.

Succession Planning is especially important for key management positions due to the large amount of specialized knowledge and experience required. It is also important for key administrative positions that job procedures are available in the event a staff member leaves or is absent for a significant amount of time.

Whicker Park community awareness and interaction are important to the success of BCS, as implied in our Mission and Vision Statements. An inclusive, community playground, Whicker Park, was completed in June, 2017 next to Whicker Field. This type of playground is a first in Adams, Wells and most surrounding counties and is a great community asset for everyone regardless of age or ability. Our playground survey results indicate the new Whicker Park complex is a big success.

Opportunities for expansion of Whicker Park will be periodically considered.

BCS Website was updated in 2017 with: new information, donation option, new photos, colorful format plus a variety of facts about our company. The website projects a positive image with future updates and features of interest to our community being planned.