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Toppings Sophia Estill
Sophia's Dream Of Working In An Ice Cream Shop
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Ever since middle school, when anyone asked her what kind of a job she hoped to have someday, Sophia Estill always said she wanted to work in an ice cream shop.

Now 25, Sophia is doing just that, working two afternoons a week at Toppings ice cream shop in downtown Bluffton, where she helps clean tables, tidy up and wash dishes.

Though Sophia is very quiet and shy, she had a big grin when asked how she likes her job.

“She does a great job for us,” said co-owner Angie Topp.

Sophia has been at Toppings since it opened in April 2021, getting an interview with the help of her sister.

The job has done wonders for her confidence, says her mom, Candice Estill. She also said Sophia is now much more responsible about helping out at home.

The funny thing is, even though Sophia now qualifies for the ultimate perk of working in an ice cream shop – free ice cream – she always refuses any ice cream while at work.

“She wants to keep work separate,” explained her mom. “Sometimes we’ll go back up in the evening and get something. But she never takes the free treat while she’s at work.”