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Nat with pro wrestler
Nat's Story
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Connecting with his heroes

Nat is a huge sports fan, especially wrestling and IU basketball. He lives in Ossian with his mom and stepdad and receives Community Integration & Habilitation (CIH) waiver supports.

When Nat was five, back in 1986, Indiana University head basketball coach Bob Knight emceed a benefit dinner for Nat at Norwell High School to help raise money for an electric wheelchair.

Coach Knight made a big impact on Nat. He was Coach Knight’s guest of honor at three Big Ten games during the 1986-87 season, the last time IU won a national championship. Not only did he have great seats at the game, he got to go in the locker room and got a basketball signed by all the players.

Thirty years later Coach Knight was in Fort Wayne signing autographs at Playball Inc. and so Nat had a chance to see Coach Knight once again. After waiting over an hour in line, Nat was able to reconnect with Coach Knight.

He and his family had the article from the benefit back in 1986 and reintroduced themselves. Coach Knight remembered Nat and signed the article with a comment at the bottom of the picture, writing “you could’ve played for me."

Nat is also a huge wrestling fan. He's been to many wrestling events over the years and has met several pro wrestlers. He headed up a group of consumers who went to Chicago in 2019 for a huge WWE event.

Nat also has a huge library of vintage TV shows from the last 20th Century. You always learn something about popular culture when you hang out with him.