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Fit Bit Group Loves Exploring Local Trails
Community Integration

The Fit Bit Group is the collective name for two to three groups of consumers who love to walk in the community. Some members get together on Monday mornings and walk for fun; a few of them also get more adventurous on Saturday mornings, exploring trails in other counties and participating in community 5Ks and fitness challenges.

Nine members of the FitBit Group participated in the Wells County Trails Passport Challenge in 2021, hiking every trail listed on

In 2022, several members completed the Wells Winter 100 Challenge, walking 100 miles before the first day of spring.

These days the FitBit Group regularly volunteers at Wells County Parks Department events such as the Fall Harvest 5K to earn entry fee credits toward other events they want to participate in.

Some of the regular participants include Matt, Gary, Heather, Tiffany, Robert, Caryn, Stacey and T.J.

Longtime project leaders Coralee Bowley and Chris Thacker have almost as much fun as the consumers do. Larry Braun is a recent addition to the Monday walking groups, while Theresa Breedlove often assists with the Saturday hikes.