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Consumers' Group Focuses Community Giving
Inside BCS

Consumers who had participated in Self-Advocate groups over the years were frustrated with the fact that there were seldom any outcomes from their meetings.

In 2014 these self-advocates met to reorganize the group in such a manner as to self-direct as a group, rather than have officers and an agenda that impeded decision making. This group approached two staff members to assist them with reorganizing and providing transportation.

The Self-Advocates of BCS has grown in number and from the start was able to work as a team to achieve the positive outcomes they desired. They are active with the Self-Advocates of Indiana and have set goals for the group as well as having a focus on giving back to their communities.

Christmas Sarah

In September 2022 the group networked with other Self-Advocates groups from around the state at a picnic in Indianapolis. One of the best parts of the day was dancing to tunes spun by DJs who were themselves Self-Advocates, said member Matt Hower.

The BCS Self-Advocates are active in fund raising for individuals and families in need; planning activities that are fun and community oriented, as well as continuing to advocate on a local and state level for others with disabilities. An anti-bullying campaign is an important issue for them as well. This self-motivated group of people is doing very good things with wonderful results.