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Christina McFarren honored for 39 years on the job
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Chris Mc Farren Richards dishwashing as a kid

Christina McFarren started working at Richard’s Restaurant on May 28, 1985, right after graduating from Bluffton High School.

She’d put her application in at the Dutch Mill and Pizza Hut, but it was Richard’s that responded, so that’s where she ended up. And she’s glad she did.

“I like Richard’s because they treat me like family,” she said.

Manager Brad Green presented Chris with a special pin in honor of her 39th anniversary. She works four days a week and every other Monday.

Recently Chris dug out a picture of herself learning to wash dishes when she was just a little girl. Though she also takes orders and prepares chicken, washing dishes is her favorite part of the job. There’s an industrial dish washer that assists her. “But I’ve had to do dishes by hand before, and even in the dark” when the lights went out, she laughs.

Though it doesn’t happen often, she’s also had a few injuries over the years, getting cut on a steak knife, the edge of a can, and a broken coffee cup.

“I’ve had to go get stitches,” she said. “It’s a wonder I don’t get a purple heart for doin’ dishes.”

Chris said her favorite item on the Richard’s menu is the Favorite Burger, noting that her late mother loved the chicken pasta salad.

“People like their stir fry, but I’ve never had it,” she said.

After all these years, Chris truly enjoys going to work every day and seeing friends both on the work crew and dining in the restaurant.

Above: Chris McFarren recently unearthed this photo of her learning to wash dishes when she was just a little girl.