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Adam retires party
Adam Retires From Pizza Hut After 15-Year Career
Community Integration

Adam McLeod started working at Pizza Hut in October 2005. He could often be seen riding his bike to work from his apartment at Capri. He enjoyed his job as a dishwasher, but in 2021 he decided he was ready for a change. He put in his two-week notice and went to work for the last time on Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

The following evening Adam celebrated with a retirement party at – where else? – Pizza Hut. He received a plaque for his service and a gift card.

Adam is enjoying his retirement, though he hasn’t ruled out looking for another job at some point, possibly in a different line of work.

Meanwhile, he still enjoys going to Pizza Hut to see his former co-workers and favorite customers. He especially likes the discount he continues to get on his meals there as a former employee.