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Residential House Manager

Job Immediate Start: Yes

Location: Adams County

Type: Full Time

The Opportunity

Manages and supervises the day-to-day activities necessary for the operation of the residential group home. Provides active treatment consisting of needed services and interventions to support the consumers’ success, safety, health and well-being as per Indiana State Department of Health (SDOH) regulations and the Bi-County Services mission and vision statements.

-Supervises residential staff

-Completes responsibilities identified on the Residential Manager’s Monthly Checklist, including daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Submits monthly manager reports in a timely manner.

-Implements pertinent regulatory standards per the SDOH

-Participates as an Individual Support Team (IST) member for each group home consumer:

-Completes Incident Reports (IR) as per the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services (BDDS) IR policy. Assure that reports are submitted in a timely manner and to all pertinent state entities.

-Conducts Home Observations during on-call rotations and/or at least twice monthly. Assure all recommendations for follow-up are completed.

-Works closely with the Medical Department to assure implementation of the Health Care Monitoring system (HCMS) for the consumers well-being

-Follows the Monitoring of Consumer Finances procedure.

-Reports maintenance needs as they occur.

-Insures consumers have a safe environment.

-Adheres to all budget allotments and monitors closely on a timely basis.

-Participates in staff development, in-service training and staff meetings as required.

-Complies with agency Policies which include Employee Handbook and Code of Business Practices and Ethics.