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DSP Residential Monday – Thursday Overnight Position

Job Immediate Start: Yes

Location: Adams County

Type: Full-time

Education: Highschool Diploma

The Opportunity

Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) are utilized in Residential, Waiver, and in Habilitation Services to assist consumers by providing them with the minimal support necessary to ensure the greatest degree of personal choice and independence in daily living, community participation, educational and employment skills according to their Person-Centered Individual Support Plans (PC-ISP). Base pay rate of $13.00/hour. The hours that you work in a group home on an awake overnight shift (10pm to 7am) will be paid at an additional $1.00 per hour. Also, hours worked on the weekend (Saturday at 6 am through Monday at 6 am) will be paid at an additional $1.00 per hour. $3,000 bonus every 6 months of continuous employment (restrictions apply).

All Programs:

  1. Understands the Consumer Rights and encourages their advocacy.
  2. Provides accurate and timely documentation in areas including progress towards PC-ISP, record of billable services provided, medical issues, behaviors and significant events.
  3. Implements PC-ISP and all applicable support plans.
  4. Provides active treatment, which means using all teachable moments to teach and train individuals to be as independent as possible in their home and community.
  5. Ensures medications are given according to physician’s orders.
  6. Assists consumers with personal care needs, e.g. hygiene, eating and toileting.
  7. Present yourself as a positive role model for consumers.
  8. Ensures consumers have a safe environment to include free from abuse, neglect, exploitation and violation of rights. Follow agency Abuse/Neglect policy.
  9. Assist consumers to participate in community events and/or programs that might enhance their lives.
  10. Supervise consumer’s spending money, coordinating with management regarding purchases, and maintain receipts and documentation.
  11. Ensure consumers participate in emergency drills.
  12. Provides training to assist consumers with meeting their goals, which may include various aspects of daily living, educational and/or employment skills.
  13. If approved as driver, transports consumers to meet their needs in agency or personal vehicle. Will also use agency or personal vehicle to conduct business for BCS as requested.
  14. Follow the Health Care Services Monitoring System, which includes documenting and preventing falls, injuries, and illnesses.
  15. Reports emergencies or incidents which put residents at risk (including suspected abuse or neglect, and injuries of unknown origin) to on-call personnel, following agency policy.
  16. Participates in DSP development, in-service training and staff meetings, as required.
  17. Complies with agency Policies which include Employee Handbook and Code of Business Practices and Ethics.


  1. Provides consumers training, role modeling, and/or performs the day-to day housekeeping in order to maintain a normal home-like environment such as cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc. according to the daily schedule or routine in the home.
  2. Coordinates with house manager and other staff to meet the varying needs of the consumers.
  1. Medical needs are communicated to Health Services Nurse or “on-call” person.